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About Us

Our Customers

We have supplied many of the top makers throughout Scotland, Wales, Ireland as well as many companies in the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Norway and Australia

The Products

The products are produced using some of the finest materials available. Most items are cast in solid English pewter. They are sculpted using traditional skills combined with modern materials and then are cast, polished or antiqued, and hand finished to a unique quality finish. Some items are then enhanced enamelling. Buckles fit the standard highland dress belts.

Manufacturing process

Designing the products:

After a brief has been set, our designers start by researching original artefacts, old books and through the internet.  They then start sketching a number of rough concept drawings before short-listing the best designs.  These short-listed designs are then draw up in either Adobe CS Photoshop or Adobe CS Illustrator, a further selection is then made and the best designs are then agreed.  One of our Sculptors then creates an original master by hand, using a combination of materials in our fully equipped workshop.  The masters are then further checked before being moulded.


Each master is then put into a Vulcanising machine to produce the master castings.  These master castings are then carefully checked and re-worked to make sure that it can be quality passed.  These castings are then remoulded to make production moulds from which the castings can then be produced.


The production moulds are then put into castings machines and each one is made by hand and fettled (cleaned up) and checked before going to be finished.


Each product is washed, de-greased, cleaned and dried before being antiqued and finally polished by hand.

Packing and shipping:

Each item is carefully checked again and is then individually packed before being despatched.